Jul 3, 2010

Unknown Heroes: A Gift From Nymans

A Gift From Nymans
There are many blessings associated with being at Nymans.  Recently, three boxes of books were delivered to the Gardener's House.  The books were donated to Nymans.  All are hardcover, "Garden Book Club Editions," published in the early 1960's.

The information contained within these volumes may be valuable or not.  I don't know.  I was blown away by the cover designs.  Although the books contain indexes, suppliers, photographs, illustrated drawings, names of books by other Garden Club authors:  there is no mention of the designers of these covers.

In the acknowledgments,
some of the authors have given credit to photographers or illustrators of drawings contained within the volumes.
  And then there are special Acknowledgements.  These range from "to my wife who typed the MS," to "special thanks are due to the ladies of the Sevenoaks Flower Club who decorated my home for the benefit of the National Gardens Schemes, demonstrating the usefulness of the Delphinium in the home."

I would like to add a special acknowledgment to those unknown designers, whose work I share with you here.  For me, they are unsung heroes of design.


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