Jul 19, 2010

A Garden Built For Two: Woolbeding

A Garden Built for Two
Woolbeding Gardens
A New National Trust Garden
July 15, 2010

Charlene Chick, Propagator at Nymans said of Woolbeding,

"You can tell it is a garden made by a couple.  
Every place to sit was designed for two people."

In four weeks, Woolbeding will open
to the public
as a National Trust Garden. 

The Nymans Garden staff
had the privilege to visit the garden,
before it opens to the public.

I imagine 
the two partners,
who owned this property sitting on this bench
thinking about what they should do next.

a statue of Neptune down by the river.

and then
maybe a bridge a la Chinois
to cross the river.

and then maybe a summer house, not too far from the stumpery. 
and then I was thinking about a sundial and a walled garden 
and some espaliered apples....

 and as long we are doing it .... why not some  
figs espaliered as well?

 and how about doing something like we saw in Provence last year...
something contemporary... 
a bit different...
geometric rows
of lavender

 let's take a walk down to the other bench and give it some more thought.

 I think we should go down to the river again, 
i always get inspiration from looking 
at the way the sycamores have layered themselves.

now that i think about it - i think we need a couple of follies...

In four weeks, Woolbeding will open to the public as a
National Trust Garden.  

The garden is a homage to the two people who made it.  

It's intimate, quirky, imaginative and surprising.  

This  garden was created during the last 40 years.  It's not modern, but it's interesting and personal.  Every now and then you recognize a plant that was introduced during the last 10 years and you realize that this confection is late 20th century. 

Let's hope when it opens to the public its unique character will be preserved.