Jun 1, 2010

What Does A Woman Want: 3 Websites

mabel odessey      sheila odessey      phyllis odessey
We are 3 sisters with 3 websites.  This probably doesn't make us unusual.

Like all familial connections, we bear the marks our particular clan.  We have insider jokes, peculiar eating phobias and a subtle lack of finesse.  I have been wondering whether or not our 3 websites reflect our personalities.

Freud considered that most of our personalities exist below the level of conscious awareness. And that good old "repression" is our most powerful defense mechanism.  In the case of the 3 sisters, I think ego is a good guide to what our websites express. 

Each site was designed by a different web master, and each site is about a different art form.  I find the websites uncomplicated, but not simple, emphasizing form above the former, powerful, yet not overwhelming.  In other words, filled with contradictions, as we are.  We are tentative in our presentation of ourselves as artists, but decisive in our representation of our work.   We don't know where we are going, but we are sure we want to get somewhere...slowly. 

Freud asked "What does a woman want?"  
All 3 of us has answered this question in a different way, at least in terms of our websites.