May 2, 2012

This is NEW YORK!

TIME:  10.38 AM
CALL OVER LOUDSPEAKER:  Package for Phyllis.  Making noise.

I consider myself lucky, some of the time.  We took a page out of an old playbook and made a bed for our new babies in my file cabinet. It's a bit crowded as a temporary home, but as Fred, one of crew members said, "after all it's New York.  Everybody lives in a small space".

I am sure after awhile the sound of chirping might drive me crazy, but right now, it's the sound of life that puts a smile on my face.
The chickens are will soon find their home on our Urban Farm, called The Learning Garden, Randall's Island.  We feel the same mild anxiety about naming our chickens as one might feel about naming a baby.  Yes, it seems just as momentous.  Some of suggestions have run to the retro:  WALTER, some to rock'n roll: YOKO: some to a possible Hispanic origin:  SOBACO and lastly, one of the crew likes a simple name like TONY.  His own name, James is one syllable word.

I love all our baby chicks, no matter their name.  This might change as they grow.  Today, it's a pleasure to have them next to me.


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