May 5, 2012

Mabel in Wonderland

Mabel's Adventures
Chateau de Lacaze
May 6 - 30, 2012
Lacaze is in the Southeast Tarn department of France. 

Shameless commerce division:
DISCLAIMER FIRST:  Mabel Odessey is my sister.

I look for any reason to go to France and visit my sister, who lives in a remote village in the southwestern part of the country.  Even though Mabel lives in an isolated location,  this has not affected her ability to constantly create new cutting-edge work.  Mabel's shows are not just photographs on a wall.  They are installations.   In her current show, Mabel is giving each guest a chance to go down the rabbit hole.

From the Lewis Carroll Society of North America:  "Before there was Instagram, people used chemical emulsifying processes to make their photographs look cool. An American artist named Mabel Odessey will have a site-specific installation at France’s Château de Lacaze from May 6 thru 30th, using the distinctly retro technique of pinhole photography.

" I was immediately captivated by the many levels on which the narrative functions.  The challenge
of photographing a dream world was very exciting.  Perception, time and identity are at the core of both the books and my photographic work.  My objective was to evoke the atmosphere rather than to illustrate particular scenes."
Mabel Odessey 
This is part of an article by Mabel Odessey that will be featured in the Spring 2012 Knight Letter number 88, available to LCSNA members.  

Not a member of the Lewis Carroll society, I have to ask my sister to send me a copy. 

All photographs are copyright Mabel Odessey 2012.
No usage without permission.


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