Feb 11, 2012


Some people say I play fast and loose with a dollar.  I beg to differ.  I was skeptical about plunking down $60 for a quarterly, sight unseen.  Just the idea of a "quarterly" is pretty 19th century.  I went to the Wilder website to see what was up.  I liked the prose and decided to take the plunge.

Last Saturday, I went to a party populated by many in the hort mafia.  I took the Wilder Quarterly with me, just to see if I was the only one who had subscribed.  No one knew about the magazine, but everyone was interested.  Who was behind it?

I filled out the contact box on the Wilder website and wrote a brief message.  Sooner than you can say Wilder Quarterly, I received a response from Jessica Fouts, PR Director.

WHY Wilder Quarterly?
Our genesis story begins with Celestine Maddy, our Founder and Publisher.  She picked up gardening 3 years ago to spruce up her neglected Brooklyn yard.  As a busy advertising strategist with a love for video games, I guess you could say she isn't what many would call a "typical gardener".  When she looked for materials for research she found that there really wasn't anything that inspired her out there - and being in the line of work she's in - she couldn't help, but see a void worth filing. 

The reality is, there are plenty of "atypical" gardeners out there just like Celestine, and even more who have 20 years of gardening under their belt, who are just looking for great growing content.
 Wilder Quarterly is a print publication that is a resource for an entire season.  This suits a gardener's journey through the months.  Growers, foodies, designers are all tactile people.  It makes sense to make a very visceral product that is about smell, sight and touch.
I hear people say that print is dead and it's just silly.

People still watch TV and listen to the radio.  There are millions of magazines and books sold every year.  People want good content.  They don't care how it comes. 

What has changed is the way people ingest media.  They want it on their terms.  They want it in multiple formats.  So while we've started with a tangible product, Wilder is going to be making other types of media soon enough.  We are a content company, not just a book publisher.

Who is the intended audience?
We want to reach all growers and nature enthusiasts.  This can encompass a wide range of people,  whether you are a novice gardener who just planted your first bulb, a documentary filmmaker who has an affinity for plants, a foodie who values fresh farm to table cuisine - in essence we are a magazine about growing in all of it's diverse incarnations - for any and everyone who feels inspired by nature.

People want to know about the writers and photographers who are contributing to Wilder Quarterly.
Our writers and photographers are a mash-up of growing and non-growing writers.  We love to take a fashion photographer and have him/her shoot carrots or have a hard hitting journalist interview a hobby farmer.   At the same time, we also turn to established garden illustrators and writers like Maureen Gilmer and scientists like Elaine Ingham at Rodale. 

We are interested in inputs and pitches from anywhere and everywhere.  If anyone has an idea feel free to send to info@wilderquarterly.com


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