Nov 14, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzle:
Daphne Guinness

Fashion Icons and Insiders
November 3 and November 4
The Honorable Daphne Guinness
in conversation with Dr. Valerie Steele

 My defense for buying an expensive pair of shoes has always been the same.  "It's a work of art."   I  feel compelled to own these magnificent creations, even though these days, I rarely get out of my blundstones. 
(Late Greek elkon, from Greek) a conventional religious image typically painted on a small wooden panel and used in the devotions of Eastern Christians.

Middle English, from Anglo-French muser
a guiding spirit
a source of inspiration

She says she is "not a muse," but more like "a bee"
flitting from one designer to another.
I couldn't attend the fashion symposium at FIT.  I asked a friend, who has no interest in fashion to go in my place.  His "report" of the conversation between Daphne Guinness and Valerie Steele, Chief Curator and Director of the Museum at FIT follows.  
Guinness is a fashion insider's dream.  Not only is she a collector; she is an artist.  Her art form is her fashion persona.  In amassing a huge collection, Guinness's purchases are based on the linkages she sees between fashion, art history and science. 
Those who are familiar with Guinness know she has a special interest in ARMOR.  Why? Steele asks.  "As a child, I was small;  I wanted something to hide behind.  I was fascinated by the Knights of the Roundtable and all the Arthurian legends.  I was always drawn to collections of armor in museums.  I love the workmanship.  I feel protected by wearing forms of armor."
For my friend, this fashionista experience left very little impact, except for these great photos. 
"I have to say there seemed to be no bullshit when Guinness was talking about herself."
Apparently Daphne Guinness is down to earth even on 10 inch platforms.
"I'll eat when I'm Dead"


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