Sep 29, 2011

but not too hard!

SATURDAY:  Looking for a bargain at Century 21, I intended to cross Broadway, but I was interrupted by THINK.

I am interested in making the world work better, so I went inside.

"40 media panels become interactive touchscreens, transforming the space into a forest of discovery..."

Mapping the gene sequence of rice

I began to THINK
about how altering the genetic make-up of rice might make world work better.

"While each leap of progress requires its own intelligence, work and  courage,
many of them are the result of a distinct, repeatable pattern.
THINK exhibit explores how progress
is shaped through a common and systematic approach."

40 interactive touch screens is pretty seductive. Does it help us THINK?

The only way out is to walk the gauntlet of screens enumerating IBM's accomplishment. And it's impressive.

"In the midst of the Great Depression, FDR signed the Social Security Act - creating a gigantic, nation-wide information problem with the stroke of a pen. Suddenly the US federal government needed acres of accounting machines to track the paychecks of every working American."

Who could provide the government with a way of keeping track this information? IBM
 The implications of passing the Social Security Act from an accounting perspective must have been mind boggling.  And there was a lot more...

Selectric Typewriter
 Magnetic Strip
 Bar Code
If we really THINK, we might not agree with propaganda offered in this exhibit. 
We might
THINK and come to very different conclusions.

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.  When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." Buddha.  Now that is something to THINK about.

Lincoln Center
Until October 23

All photos copyright Phyllis Odessey.  No usage without permission. Thank You.


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