Jul 23, 2011

Tulipomania 2011
Julian Faulhaber

Julian Faulhaber
Bloom and Bust in the Netherlands
Hasted Kraeutler Gallery
This isn't an Agnes Martin  painting, it's a photograph by Julian Faulhaber of the tulip industry in the Netherlands.  On a really hot day in Manhattan go down to 24 Street  and cool off inside the Hasted Kraeutler Gallery.  I love these photos because they show us another way of looking at one of most cliched images (the tulip) in photography and painting.

Here are some facts from
 New York Times:
Number of tulips bulbs produced annually in the Netherlands: 
3 Billion
Number of cut tulips exported annually:  2 billion
Number of registered varieties of tulips: 3,000
Rank of tulip among flowers in worldwide popularity:  No. 3


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