Apr 16, 2011

Framing The Viewshed

Photo by Peter Aaron, ESTO

n.: the natural environment that is
visible from one or more viewing points.

Olana Symposium
Saturday, April 16, 2011

1-5 pm

I bumped into Robin Key at the Cultural Landscape James van Sweden event; over cocktails she handed me a brochure about Olana and thought it might be of interest.  And it is, especially the use of the word "viewshed."    I share it with you here.

"Viewsheds are an intrinsic part of every nationally significant region.  America's first art and conservation movement had deep roots in the Hudson Valley, and this symposium, hosted by The Olana Partnership, will offer a fresh look at iconic Hudson Valley scenes through the lens of art history, environmental conservation, and landscape architecture. "

The Four Hudsons of Wallace Bruce:  the Hudson of Beauty, the Hudson of History, the Hudson of Literature, and the Hudson of Commerce.

The Art of Protecting Scenic Views:  Nineteenth-century Artists and the Preservation of Modern-day Landscapes

Life Goes ON:  Contemporary Design in Historic Settings

Symposium takes place at Columbia-Greene Community College, Arts Center Theater, 4400 Rt. 23, Hudson, NY.

In addition:
Viewshed Benefit Party
Bell Tower Tour at Olana

To register :
518-828-1872 ext. 103
email:  rsvp@olana.org
visit:  www.olana.org

Proceeds will benefit the restoration of Crown Hill at Olana, a crucial component of Frederic Church's designed landscape. 


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