Dec 28, 2010

Let it Blow,
Let it Blow

Langudeoc = mistral
Occitan = mistrau
Catalon = mestral
Italian = maestrale
Traditional Christmas crib in France often includes a figure of a shepherd holding his hat,
with his cloak blowing in the mistral.
- the full wiki

Mt. Boron, Nice, 400,000 B.C.  
The inhabitants built low walls of rocks and beach stones to the northwest of their fireplace to protect their fire from the power of the Mistral.
Stone Wall by Dan Snow

Some people call the Mistral the Wind of Wrath.  Peter Mayle described the mistral "as a brutal, exhausting wind that can blow the ears off a donkey." In the last two days, I have experienced something close to the mistral.  The wind has been blowing continuously.  
It is often said that it was the mistral that caused Van Gogh to cut off his ear.

My sister, who lives in the south of France, consulted a local "healer" in her village to chase away the mistral headaches.

At my house, the walking stick is up to its knees in a snow drift.

The result of the wind at my house is a landscape like the desert sands in Lawrence of Arabia. And plants that really stand up to even a "mistral."

Chasmanthium latifolium
According to The Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Perennials, "attractive in drifts" - especially in the snow.
Hakonechloa macra
Rick Darke, "it is luxuriant even in nearly full sun."  I find it more than luxuriant in blowing snow.
Picea abies 'Repens Gold'
Richard L. Bitner, in Conifers for the Garden, "slow-growing, flat-topped, center builds up in time."  I don't know of any plant,which will be as bright as a Christmas light all winter long. 

As the wind swept around the landscape, it blew snow onto the porch.  This chair is my favorite spot for taking "a load off"   Today, the snow has taken my place.

Dog & Butterfly

I let the wind steal my power
Spin me 'round lose my course
Nights run by like hours
Well, it would show me the way
To the deepest mountains
Too high and beautiful to be
Mistral, mistral wind

All the hours on the watch
I wait for that breeze to move me
And blow me back to that place
Magic space all through me
And I sigh your name
Across the empty water
You made a crazy dreamer out of me
Mistral, mistral, mistral, mistral,
Mistral, mistral


paula said...

So homesick for this beautiful landscape and solitude i can't tell you. my heart breaking at your exquisite eye and heart, dear phyllis --

Shirley Bovshow "EdenMaker" said...

You have a beautiful, intelligent blog! Keep up the great inspiration!
Shirley Bovshow

susan said...

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