Dec 23, 2010

Do you hear what I hear

John Gunderson with Jonathan planting a Jonathan Apple Tree on Randall's Island

Do you see...what I see
is my comfort zone, so when asked to put together a downloadable audio tour about the gardens on Randall's Island, I was

Most people can't stand to hear me sing. My eyes are better than my ears.  Writing the script for the audio tour, making a list of the participants and recording various speakers was relatively easy.  The difficulty arose in the editing process.

Writing and hearing are surprisingly antithetical.  I know all musicians are aware of pacing and rhythm and so are writers.  But the written word and the audio word require a different skill set.  A melodious sounding sentence may fall flat when spoken.  

I found that people, who are good speakers are those who are extroverted.  They are used to feeling like they are on "stage."  In fact, they are able to make a seamless transition from an internal monologue to an audio performance. For those of us with the shy gene, the best we can do is listen harder and do take after take until what is in our head is understood on an MP3 file.

I submit this audio clip (about the apple orchard on Randall's Island) for your listening pleasure.

The Newtown Pippin Apple

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