Mar 14, 2010

Helen Miranda Wilson

Copyright Helen Miranda Wilson. No usage without permission.
12 x 9", oil paint on panel, 2010

Lori Bookstein Fine Art, 138 Tenth Avenue, NY, NY
February 17 - March 20, 2010
What a relief to walk into a gallery and focus on a single painting.   Helen Miranda Wilson's paintings have always been small, intimate and require your attention.
The current show at Lori Bookstein Fine Art doesn't disappoint.   Mondrain, Bridget Riley and Paul Klee, all come to mind, but what distinguishes Wilson's paintings is her touch.  I love the feeling for paint.  Those little squares are not hard-edged.  They kind of run into each other.  The tension between one color and the next color sing.
After leaving art school, Helen and I shared a studio.  Helen has been painting ever since and I have gone on to do other things.  Those of us who have been following Helen's career, never expected her to move from figurative to abstract paintings.  But that's the thing.  Helen always surprises you.