Mar 1, 2010

It's The FLOWERS, stupid!

Every year I swear off gong to the Philadelphia Flower Show and every year I find myself buying a ticket.  It's partly optimism and partly fear of missing something.  Most of the time, I am disappointed.  But I have to admit this year was different.  One, I finally got the idea, it's all about the flowers.  It has nothing to do with landscape design or garden design, it's purely a display of flowers.  2010 theme (and there always is a theme)  Passport To The World.  Each exhibit is dedicated to a part of the world...Africa, Brazil, India, New Zealand, etc.  From the pungent smell of jasmine to the knock-me-over hyacinth, on a chilly day you can't beat it!


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oh so jealous, you great blogger you!

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