May 30, 2013

All In The Family

All happy families are alike;
all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way."

 Fyodor Dostoevsky

I thought I wouldn't care.  After all, meeting Minnie and Mickey is no big deal,  Some might say it's not worth mentioning.  Two days ago, I would have agreed.  Today, I feel differently.  I don't think of myself as someone, who has bought into American culture hook, line and sinker.  I detest malls, have never eaten a happy meal, refuse to watch large sporting events and resist the temptation of constant, nonstop consumerism.

Yesterday, I discovered something about myself that surprised me.  I was thrilled to meet Mickey and Minnie.  I realize, I don't think of them as dressed up figures in costume.  Mickey and Minnie are people.  It's a strange thing to say.  This part of American culture is etched in my brain and heart.   Those over-sized ears, rosy cheeks and happy faces crept into my psyche years ago and have stayed there.

I was at Disney for a Recruiting Event.  Giving people the blah, blah, blah about the Urban Farm on Randall's Island.  It's exhausting talking for 3 hours non-stop.  It was a relief to go into the room next door for an awards ceremony.  Disney volunteers were honored for the work they did in 2012.  Part of ceremony was an appearance by Minnie and Mickey.  There was a lot of talk about the Disney family.  I was glad to be part of the Disney family for an evening.  It was a way of meeting Minnie and Mickey.  After an exhausting day, I walked home animated, glowing and inspired.  


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