Aug 20, 2012

You Get What You Need

WILL ALLEN - Growing Power

I need to be inspired.  I found that out a long time ago, when I thought just about everything was a drag.  One sentence can do the trick; even better is listening to someone who makes you want to jump out of your seat and hit the streets.

Eunyoung and I went to the Urban Agriculture Summit in Toronto this past week.  For me it was like giving the personal car of my mind a tune-up.   Some people say the country needs another stimulus.  If you really want stimulus; surround yourself with the likes of Will Allen, Paul Lightfoot and Gary Wozniak.

I am passionate about FOOD:  food security, food justice, sustainable and affordable food and local food.  But those are just words; at this point they are platitudes.  At a conference, like the Urban Ag Summit, you meet the people who walk the talk.  They are the  21st century version of Helen and Scott Nerring.

I came home, "put on my running shoes" and began to think about the ways we can expand our Edible Education Program to do more, reach a greater number kids, open our small community to a greater number of individuals and have a larger impact on the little world of Randall's Island. I think it's called VISION.


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