Aug 8, 2011


"We live in a time in which introverts can regularly mask their introversion if they so desire."
Philip Bump, 4 Ways Technology Can Enable Your Inner Introvert from the Atlantic
Everything Philip Bump says in 4 Ways Technology Can Enable Your Inner Introvert is true. People who think of themselves as introverts are helped by technology: 
you can create the illusion of busyness on facebook, linkedin, etc.
you can choose to respond to email whenever, using the telephone is passe
communication is streamlined, texting, tweeting, etc.. 
You are saved, but in a different way.

All writers create characters, but the blog being such a personal form, creates personality.  That is where the line becomes blurred between introvert and extrovert.  I have encouraged many people to start a blog and I always get the same answer.  "I am a very private person".  They feel blogging is an invasion. 

I have found it to be exactly the opposite.  I consider my self an introvert, but blogging has changed all that.  Blogging is an extroverted activity.   I have found putting some thoughts together to be as soothing as going to a shrink.  You confront your demons in a different way.