Jun 2, 2011

Fence Embroidery:
Katherine Daniels

Randall's Island Flow.11
I am surrounded by chain link fences. They enclose the ball fields and soccer fields on Randall's Island.  I have tried to like them, but haven't found a way to wrap my head around their utilitarian purpose.  Katherine Daniels changed my mind.  She is the first of five artists to install an environmental art piece on Randall's Island.  

The design for the fence is reminiscent of Native American art... in pottery, rugs and baskets.  I asked Katherine about the inspiration for her design.  " I always research the place I am asked to make an artwork for.  I found that the Carnasie Indians originally settled in Manhattan and since Randall's Island is part of Manhattan, I decided that basing my work on these geometric patterns would be appropriate to the site."

"Carnasie" is a phonetic interpretation of a word in the lenape language for "fenced land" or "fort."  The Native Americans who made the infamous sale of the island of Manhattan for 60 guilders were Lenape.   Europeans would often refer to the indigenous people living in an area by the local place-name, so reference may be found in contemporary documents to "Cararsee Indians." - Wikipedia
From Katherine Daniels website
Artist's Statement
"Outrageous elegance", a Buddhist concept, describes a manner that is approachable by being neither too cold (elegance alone).  This term is an apt description of the beauty, joy, humor and absurdity I strive for in my art.  I am interested in grand visual and physical forms that introduce and induce awe and wonder.  I make opulent abstract gardens that invoke a spirit and paradise.  I have been beading organic abstractions that descend from the ceiling or ascend walls.  They reference a mix of ornamental styles such as quilts from my Appalachian roots, the art of interior surfaces like rugs, Islamic and Asian textiles and screens, as well as environments that inspire awe such as the Sistine Chapel and the gardens at Versaille.  My work induces pleasure by unabashedly embracing abstract ornament.

Her work has unabashedly changed the way I view a chain link fence.