Mar 10, 2011

in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Flower Show
Springtime in Paris

THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT.  Instead of bemoaning artificiality; I am going to embrace the fake, the contrived, the manipulated.  I will celebrate hyacinths next to phlox, crab apples underplanted with lettuce, lilacs and marigolds blooming together.

There is something masterful in the recreation of Parisian scenes in plants.  One of my favorite places in the whole world...The Palais Royal is referenced...

An allee of plastic tree trunks with a vertical green wall of pleached foliage.

A toy boat from a pond in the Luxemborg Gardens is set in a "lake" of pansies.

A "typical" French interior of the fin de siecle with Sevre vase and mirror.
And some departures from the literal...

some good advertising.
Inspired by a topiary Rodin, I started thinking ...
the show this year concentrated on floral arrangements; just a few mini-environments.  Elbowing my way to the front of each extravaganza, camera in hand, excited, why?

After three months of gray weather; the point was color and the fresh smell of Spring flowers.

As Dorothy said to Toto,
"We are not in Kansas anymore"
and we are not in Paris. 
We are transported to a sensual world for part of a day.
I guess, I'll take it!