Feb 14, 2011

Aesthetic Moment

Photograph by Eunyoung Sebazco
I went for the ideas more than the food or flowers, although little snacks do increase my ability to digest new ideas.  Bloom Japan at Japan Society was a show geared toward floral designers.  The mission to promote the use of Japanese flowers in the US. 
Photograph by Eunyoung Sebazco
Above two photographs by Eunyoung Sebazco.
The room was filled with Camellia japonica from Akebono to Tatkantubaki, Cymbidium  as delicate Marie Laurencin and as bold as Smirnoff, Lathyrus odoratus Royal Blue (dyed Royal Blue) and Mid Night (naturally the color of night) but for me it was Senecio rowleyanus Green Necklace, Spiraea cantoniensis Kodemari, and Asplenium Crispy Wave that were the real stars.  As we all know the Japanese use conifers, and in fact, green plants in arrangements that are close to magic. 
Photograph by Eunyoung Sebazco

Perhaps, because I was walking around the room with a dazed expression, a microphone was stuck in my face.  A Japanese TV crew asked me to do an interview.  I don't like to be a shill, but it was quickly apparent what was expected.  I wanted to give them what they needed.  In fact, I wanted my 15 seconds of fame to be like the origins of Ikebana:  the offering of flowers on the altar in honor of Buddha.
 Photograph by Eunyoung Sebazco


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