Jan 7, 2011

It Takes A Swede

My husband likes to pee outside.  It comes from living in a teepee, I thnk.  I've always believed that urine was bad for the garden.  Asa Lovberg, a Swedish designer has put me straight.  Urine as a fertilizer is GOOD for the garden.

"Farmers around the globe are expected to use more than 170 million tons of fertilizer this year, according to a recent report from the International Fertilizer Industry Association, spending untold sums in the process.  Swedish startup Guldkannan AB, however, believes the best fertilizer in the world is completely natural and free.  That's because it's based on none other than human urine, an ancient gardening aid that's remarkably similar in composition to many fertilizers.  Now, Guldkannan sells a device to help gardeners around the world put the nitrogen-rich power of urine to work in their gardens."
from Springwise

The Towa is made in Sweden of durable plastic and is completely recyclable. The capacity is approx. 10 liters. Ergonomic design. The Towa comes in a practical designed carton for storage.
Ergonomic design makes The Towa easy to carry and easy to use. Hygienic and comfortable to sit on. Capacity, approx. 10 liters.
Able to withstand weight up to 150 kilos (approx. 300 pounds)
Seals tightly – the urine stays in the container to protect the nitrogen and guard against odor.
Innovation and design by Åsa Lövberg. Patented in Sweden.
Made in Sweden of recyclable and durable  Polypropylene (PP) plastic , without any materials that are considered dangerous to health or the environment.
The color is alder-tree green on a matt surface.
-from www.guldkannan.se/english.aspx

To brighten your day watch the video: www.guldkannan.se/english.aspx

If you really want to know more:
Liquid Gold:  The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants
by Carol Steinfeld.

This gives the phrase Piss Off an entirely new meaning!


Susan in the Pink Hat said...

I wouldn't eat anything that had gotten the pee treatment. Also, as with any fertilizer, urine can burn plants concentrated. You'd want to dilute it with water. I'm thinking adding it to compost would be safer, but you'd only want to use urine from someone who was healthy and not using any medication, I think.

Appalachian Feet said...

Great post (nicely humorous). We're planning to use urine as fertilizer, but don't tell the neighbors. :)

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