May 2, 2010

The Pied Piper of Fleurs: Bella Meyer

Copyright Phyllis Odessey
fleurs BELLA - Flowers Used at the Flower Graffiti Workshop

A motley crew marched out of fleurs BELLA,  on East 11th street, Monday night.  The shop's owner, Bella Meyer led the way.  We were  distributing small bouquets made at her flower graffiti workshop.

It was a guerilla action.
Copyright Phyllis Odessey
Putting the bouquets together, before taking to the streets at fleurs BELLA.
 Copyright Phyllis Odessey
Following Bella Meyer up 11 Street with our bags our bouquets.

Bella instructed us:  If you see someone sad or someone who looks like they might need a pick me up, give them a bouquet.  Do not ask, if they would like a bunch of flowers:  just give it to them.  And...if you see a sad or lonely looking spot on the street, leave a bouquet.  
We listened and did as commanded.
Copyright Phyllis Odessey
Flower graffitti on East 11 Street.

Bella is somewhat of a radical.  She is not a florist or floral designer, but a beautifier, as her card points out.  Her shop is a reflection of her personality:  innovative, gracious and exuberant.

The minute you walk in the door of fleur BELLA, you have entered an inspired universe.  This is the place to feast your eyes on beautiful vases (vintage and contemporary), surround yourself with unusual leaves and sumptuous branches and become aware of the beauty of a single flower... with Bella's help.

Copyright Phyllis Odessey
Bella Meyer toasting her friends at fleurs BELLA

Bella Meyer will change your idea of how flowers can be put together.
It is truly a revolutionary experience.


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