Apr 27, 2010

Do The Math: Garden Buddy for Your iPhone

I need this.  Recently I had to calculate the amount of soil and compost needed for 22 raised beds.  Each bed is 4 x 8 x 12. 
Now all I need is my iPhone.

Garden Buddy, Garden Math by Island Apps.

"Garden Buddy is a handy little App that simplifies common lawn and garden calculations.

This version of Garden Buddy is for the North American market and uses inches, feet, pounds, and cubic yards as its measurement units, a metric version will be available soon.

Garden Buddy includes the following tools:

Area calculator
(Provides square feet for round, rerctangular and triangular gardens)

Mulch and topsoil calculator
(Calculates number of cubic yards to order for a given area and depth)

Plant quantity calculator
(provides number of plants required to fill an given area with standard spacing)

Soil calculator
(Easily calculates how many pieces and pallets of sod to order for an area)

Fertilizer calculator
(Provides quantity of fertilizer to apply based on soil test)

Pond calculator
(Calculates number of gallons, recommended pump size and liner size based on measurements)

Materials coverage quick reference
(Provides a handy reference table of coverage of various materilas for a given area and depth)

Date on 47 common vegetables
(Includes planting months, row spacing, plant spacing, how much to plant for a family of 4, and days to harvest when planted from seed)

All these tools and information are made available right on your Iphone, right when you need them, out in the yard or at the garden center.

Your suggestions for the addition of new tools and calculators are welcome and all updates will be free.

Everybody needs a Garden Buddy."

I'll say.



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