Feb 17, 2010

Sharing What You Know

Parks, Plants and People
Beautifying the Urban Landscape
by Lynden B. Miller
Called by Bette Midler," the godmother of New York City's public green spaces," by Dan Hinkley, "the contemporary tour de force of American public spaces," Lynden Miller has staked out her ground as the preeminent authority on how to make a public garden.

For those of us who work in public horticulture, Miller's new book, Parks, Plants and People is an indispensable resource.  It's clear, methodical, well-written and incredibly generous.  In general, gardeners are generous with their knowledge.  Whenever, I have asked a fellow gardener for information about a plant, website, technique or even job possibilities, my requests have always been embraced and all queries responded to.  Miller's book exemplifies this and that is why I think it is worth a mention on my blog.

Every year there are garden books that talk about plants, form, color, texture. Installation issues and maintenance issues are usual topics: you will also find these in Miller's book. But few include how to recruit volunteers, how to supervise volunteers, and how to show your appreciation.  There are two chapters on how to raise money for a public park.  You can write a grant application or call up a donor or convince a business to make a contribution based on Miller's information.  The rationale and the step-by-step are all included.  Miller has shared what she has learned over a quarter century of working in public horticulture.

And don't forget,the complete plant list in the back of book, along with resource directory.

Thank you Lynden for sharing.


michaela said...

This sounds great. Since I am working on my first public garden, I think I should get on this read right away ! Thank you Phyllis xo M

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